An Aria from the Sea

O Sea, must you take me with you?
To the fuming waves that bring changes as it roars and collapses,
To the depths where it is unpredictable and unknown.

Beloved Sand, I implore you to move onward.
My pristine waves ebb and flow with the cycles of the Divine.
My depths bring you bliss and imperturbable peace.

Though my numbers are in multitude, I am minute.
I fear your intensity will devour me whole.
I know not what your vastness holds.

As in yours, my totality is where the countless azure drops dwell
Dread not for my cerulean waters shall cradle you gently.
And so, my Love, I beseech you to be
For in being, you shall know that we all shift and drift with the waves of the Cosmic.

Life in Tangles

In pursuit of something higher, I uprooted my life up north and drove to sunny, southern California – for good. During the process, I faced more obstacles than I could count, as if my life suddenly turned to a blurry, tumultuous motion picture.

I finally moved to my new place, which looked empty and alien. I closed my eyes and I saw my friends, relatives, a one-sided love that never was, and my small, familiar room that once belonged to my Ego.  I took a deep, centering breath and redirected myself back to unpacking.

I was sitting on the floor trying to undo the intertwined knots on three strands of necklaces. The knots were tight and each of the white gold chains was minute and delicate. Nearly half an hour later, I was still at it and I was getting frustrated and impatient.

As I was about to give up, it occurred to me that life was like that. Life was similar to the three chains that I had been trying to unwind. I could not imagine how they ended up in a chaotic twist since I packed them properly, in the same manner that we often do not understand how our life becomes knotted. All we have is the awareness that our life has roadblocks that must be rid of. Most of the time, we unconsciously expend much energy into feeling the problem – we worry, fear and let the Ego engage us in false melodramatic mental plays until it becomes our own version of reality. We often forget to put that energy into something productive by formulating and contemplating our options for the problem. We fail to remember that there is a Being higher than we are who has always been holding those chains – our life threads.

The Father had, has and will always lovingly watch over us. He knows that our imperfections and mortal foibles make us frail and that we need His guidance to overcome our perils. With great care and patience, He guides and attends to each of us to make sure that we do not break. Each link is equally important for they make up the whole, just like each aspect of our lives – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – is significant. The Divine knows well not to tug too hard lest we break or tug too gently that we preserve our status quo. The only thing that God asks of us is to endure the stress and pressure while our lives our being unwound. He is cognizant of the fact that balance must be achieved or restored that we may emerge more resilient, robust and beautiful.

And so with a renewed and inspired heart, I sat through my task until I finished. I said a silent prayer of gratitude for the opportunities to mature. After all, nothing is purely atrocious, it’s just that these unfortunate events happen to make sure we become better people.