Moonlit Visitors

During full moons, we never know whom to expect at Heart’s door. Often times, we hope that Joy and Prosperity will drop by.  Unfortunately, Hurt loves to visit more often than we want her to. When Hurt comes knocking, welcome her like a best friend for her stories will enlighten you on the blindness and suffering of humanity. It is her fondest hope that the stories will boost Empathy and Sympathy in the Self.

Hope left her in the midst of the trials and left her drained from a long and tedious journey. Let her slumber in a bed of Peace that she can return to stillness and regenerate. Let Love cushion her head so she will not wake up bitter. Blanket her with Compassion so she will not remain frozen by Pain. Set Light by her side that she might see the path beyond the crepuscular gloom.

At last, she finds reprieve. She sighs and whispers, “Forgive their transgressions for they know not what they do.”