Road Trip

Again, must I really go?
To breezy, picturesque San Diego
These happy feet eager to go somewhere,
But not to the place where memories slumber.

Smiles and tears that adorn a yestermoon;
Conversations and embraces that made the heart once swoon;
Like inconvenient fireworks bursting from yonder
Overshadowing the silence of the hibernating moonflower.

Abandoned for a year and forced to self-heal
This curious love that just won’t sit still.
Recaptured a chance with hopeful anticipation
A long-awaited answer to an indefinite question.

Foolishly confident, I muttered I could
Seal what I hold dear to prevent a feud.
Returned and altruistically gave until unable,
Still I was told nay, it’s insufficient and unacceptable.

In the end, the heart reasserted itself
No longer shall it be imprisoned in this shelf.
The heart heaved, overwhelmed with melancholy
Acquiesced and conceded with utmost finality.

The Adepts warned me times three
Yet stubborn I failed to heed the advice from thee.
Stumbled and erred, greatly I did
Inevitable karmic retribution for my misdeed.

Loss and suffering stormed through my window
Emotional affliction and discord they had in tow.
Unfortunately, patience could not be bought.
I pleaded and rushed to regain what I had sought.

Before long, acceptance finally smote these hyperactive feelings
Peace returned in brightly colored trimmings.
Time healed what the lower self could not resolve
An opportunity from kismet to proceed and evolve

Patches of light peeked through the veil of rain
Probing if I could rise beyond the inane.
With an apple in hand and a song I drove along
Those moments shall be stashed where they belong.

This new adventure will be delayed no further
And this time I am determined not to falter
One step back, two strides forward, I go
To the ports and portents of San Diego.