A Lacrimatory Plea

What unfortunate fools are we!
We have sight yet we cannot see.
Our vision set on the worldly plane
Unable to perceive the veil upon the Profane.

We hear, but we fail to listen to the Adepts.
Words of wisdom fruitlessly fall into ravenous depths.
The Dark Times of the Kali Yuga has recently just passed;
Ushering the Satya Yuga’s Golden Age at long last.

Pitiable fools, the venerable masters implore thee,
Open your eyes that you can see.
Purging will come knocking fast at the door,
What we know now might soon be no more.

Make haste and utilize the power of this eon,
Before the next age renders futile the efforts of peons
They tell us again, as it always has been
Know the master from the outside and within.