Summer Storm

Another storm brewing in the horizon
Cunning, fierce and without abandon.
Into the heart, the pale gold winds draw near
Persistent, determined and without fear.

The heart stirs and attunes with the hue,
Ponders what is kept behind shades of blue.
Come closer, stranger beloved
Han, steel and midnight reflected.

Shuddering at the shards that were mirrored,
Pleading for the heart that barely recovered.
Perturbed, unsteady the waves began to prance
Under the full moon, the light and dark dance.

Are you the twelve, the three and the one?
Radiant and caring as the Logoic sun
Nay, you must be my duad and my pentad
Come to collect what must be had.

The ruffled waves ebb in confusion and sorrow
Misery and disappointment hovers in the shadow
Make haste and complete the task
Before melancholy escapes the oceanic flask

Ah, the beauty and sadness of finality
Karmic exchange in vivid totality
As with the ones before, let the drops merge into the sea,
In pain, in gratitude and in love, let me cradle thee.