First Cycle

Fall wind, autumn skies
Sing me your familiar lullabies.
Like leaves falling to the waiting pavement
Devolution occurs in silent lament.

The wind whispers with a soothing chill,
“Heart be strong; mind be still”
Part the clouds in hopes that I may see
The Logos – the one, the seven and the three.

Past the ninth cycle I have been lead
Cradle this weary, suffering head.
Here comes the first cycle at last
A new period of evolution has been cast.

In this worldly plane, the lower Self resists
Yet in the dark, the candlelight persists.
Let Love be my armor, my weapon and my shield
Upon this first cycle I shall aspire to build.

To Adi Narayana, venerable Siddhas, and my Beloved Guru I plea
Through earthly turmoil and suffering, please guide me.
Never do I wish to leave Your side
In Your path of Light may I always abide.

Musings on the 28th Floor

Remember, remember
When the heart used to flutter
Your smile, your voice, your face,
Memories unraveling at an overwhelming pace.

Pained that my voice could not reach your heart
Encumbered, defeated as I decided to part.
Silent as the stars I slumbered,
Watching as you trod the path you’ve uncovered.

Walk steady along this path you chose
My cerulean drops shall hold your heart close.
As constant as these waves ebb and crest
The Light of the Logos shall keep you abreast.

Though our paths are different, in time you shall know,
There is only one destination we all must go
To that place the where Ultimate Truth of Light and Love reside
A place where a thousand suns preside.

In depth, in breadth I loved
As below, so above.
Yet you understood it not
As I understood Him not.

Ten years passed and we continue on
Falter not, Beloved Gemini, in this golden dawn.
As was, as is, as will be
My love will always keep you with me.