I wish to escape from this prison I built.
The dull walls patterned in an illusory quilt.
Alone in self-created sufferings,
Blinded by temporary, worldly musings.

Outside, the moon waxed and waned.
Yet my shadows keep me chained.
Shackles without lock and key,
To emancipate, I must know the mystery.

I am shackled from head to foot.
Movement restricted, all-covered in soot.
I unlock one;
I find a thousand more to be undone.

The candlelight battles the looming night,
Steadfast, fighting with all its might.
Your voice seems so distant,
But my heart must remain persistent.

Your Guiding hand though tough, keeps me steady
In this long and weary journey.
As Shiva’s divine dance completes itself,
So too shall I master and conquer my Self.