I. Miracle

My dear Heart, what have we?
Form and content do not appeal to me.
“Like an iceberg, it’s nothing but the tip.
Know you must, love doesn’t halt at the lip.”

Heart, you say and urge me to see,
“Not with the two, but with the three.
With the immortal soul you must be
Brave enough to withstand this difficulty.

“A mere challenge to your glamor
Suit up in that partly polished armour.
Remember, in this world of duality
Joy and suffering are parts of spirituality.”


Across my path You have strewn
A fragment of myself inside another.
What joy at having found
That which I have been waiting for.

Glistening with astounding synchronicity;
Yet its own Self it cannot see.
In stratums of effluvia it sleeps
The weight of misery burdens my heart.

My Lord, what is this you have given me?
Its sleep seems deep and uninterrupted.
It is deaf to my call and blind to my plea.
It knows not how long I have waited.

Set it down with love lest it might break
Gently watch over it like the early morning sun
And remember Your words from that summer,
“Only what is needed to you I shall give.”