II. A Pledge

And so, I say to thee
I promise to walk the path as Bhakti
Love my family – blood and brethren
For they are me; I am them.

But above all, love the Father –
Creator of miracles and selfless giver
By His grace, this miracle is manifested.
The strength of hearts will be greatly tested.

With my entire being I shall serve,
Give this union what it so deserves.
From you, I ask not mere material things
Nor false promises or crowns of kings.

Be you not foolish like them,
Trapped by a mirage of a superficial hem.
Seek beyond this temporary plane
Let not Shadows be your bane.

Go and ascend heights unimaginable
In this path, nothing is impossible.
Look within and you too shall discover,
Treasures beyond this earth, you’ll uncover.