III. Death and Resurrection

I fear my light is gradually diminishing
As the autumn leaves kiss the ground.
This anguished, heavy heart
And tears that make no sound.

Promises made during yester-moon
Winds of autumn have rendered nil.
Words and signs of love
In desperation, have attempted to heal.

Is this what marriage means – 
A relationship built on cascading sand?
A life fabricated and stolen
Being written against my loving hand.

The fountain of truth I have started to build
Struggling, drowning in avarice and lies.
Love unconditionally given
Dispersed in discordant ties.

Dreams of future I have shared – 
Of love, of giving and of service.
All forgotten and withered
Hidden in a dark, shadowy abyss.

And now, my fear has manifest:
The light within has gone dark.
Choose between salvation or doom
Before it completely eliminates the spark.

In my unspeakable pain, They have come
To help me that I will not err further.
Redirect the Self with pen and paper
Sign it as my last wish, dear sir.

Misery and hurt shared by both
Yet my suffering you still cannot see.
Until the very end, you chose to serve yourself
A Narcissus that looks on blindly.

But understand and know you must
There is no hatred, grudge or regret.
It was a decision born out of love
And a lesson you must never forget. 

Remember: VIRTUES over material values.
And that Truth must start from within.
Third, Service is the remedy for greed.
And last, Love yourself first before your kin.

Words I have written and spoken
In your heart, may they shed light
Finally, I can rest as my strength is depleted
I shall soon be gone in a far away flight.

The storm is almost over;
The aftermath is devastating.
Deep beneath this chaotic surface,
I can now see Tranquility’s face waiting.

Onward, upward with whatever light is left.
The fall is great and the trek back is hard.
Faith, Will and Gratitude urge me to go
Be still. Listen for the song of the bard.