IV. Epilogue

And so the fifth moon has passed
The light has been restored at last.
A grueling voyage in its truest sense
To seal a darkness so dense.

But these lessons are very much required
When following the desires of the heart.
I have learned many things
When the light shined on the lower self’s undoings.

For a moment, my fragile peace fragmented
When you appeared unannounced, unexpected.
Your lips speak of changes made
Yet the shadows in your heart remained.

And now I utter with finality
I shall never come to thee
Let me go, let me be.
In peace, in light I shall live happily.

Though apart, I feel your suffering.
They’re incessantly calling, pleading.
In response, I radiate light, love and peace
That your pain and anger might decrease.

Persist and be strong, to you I say
In time, you will also find the way.
Remember my words from yesterday
That your heart may see the light of day.