II. Revelation

“你是谁?” I ask silently
Of the form standing before me.
Without words, he bade me to see
Unravel and unfold before me.

Intelligence marked his crown
Yet what followed elicited a frown.
Virtues remain intellectualized
Actions without heart were instead actualized.

His twists and turns
Scalds and burns.
Stand witness as darkness blossoms
It spurred a plethora of storms.

“But Child, you say you wish to be
As close to Love Divine as you can be.
Know that Love is weapon and shield
Tolerance and hope you must learn to wield”

“Guard the heart against bigotry
We all have light and dark sides you see
Refining your consciousness is most beneficial
To help you deal and rise above the superficial”

Then let me count to ten
And I shall try again
To see what can be written
A beautiful poem or another lament.

I. Closer

Beloved Heart, this time what troubles you?
A form taking shape in a familiar hue.
There’s an emotion starting to awaken.
In the dark side of the moon, it was deeply hidden.

Is it a truth, a game or a show?
In reality, I sincerely do not know.
He speaks and acts in a way I do not understand
A strong, firm mountain or cascading sand?

Its blow approached with such intensity
Will its fire die out as rapidly?
Uncertain, unknown is all I can say
Look on courageously, as it comes our way.