A battle rages within
I feel like jumping out of my skin.
Fight and stand for peace
And for that elusive bliss.

Here in my tower, I try to stand tall
Rage from all sides and I might fall.
Where is my Light? My Shield?
I am weaponless in the battlefield.

Left hand chained to the past long gone
My right, to things that have not yet come
How many times must I do this?
How many presents must I miss?

My soul aches in agony.
Dark colours clashing in disharmony.
The sun hides behind overcast skies.
Puffs of nimbus cushions my cries.

The wind whispers soothingly
To the sun I must sail swiftly.
Gently blow the soot from my eyes
And see things that are in disguise.

My heart is a fiery diamond
Pillars of hope I have summoned.
Like a phoenix I shall awaken
Bright-eyed and unshaken.

Weaknesses I must face and uncover
To help evolve, rise and recover.
I will not waste this opportunity
I will certainly win over me.