A battle rages within
I feel like jumping out of my skin.
Fight and stand for peace
And for that elusive bliss.

Here in my tower, I try to stand tall
Rage from all sides and I might fall.
Where is my Light? My Shield?
I am weaponless in the battlefield.

Left hand chained to the past long gone
My right, to things that have not yet come
How many times must I do this?
How many presents must I miss?

My soul aches in agony.
Dark colours clashing in disharmony.
The sun hides behind overcast skies.
Puffs of nimbus cushions my cries.

The wind whispers soothingly
To the sun I must sail swiftly.
Gently blow the soot from my eyes
And see things that are in disguise.

My heart is a fiery diamond
Pillars of hope I have summoned.
Like a phoenix I shall awaken
Bright-eyed and unshaken.

Weaknesses I must face and uncover
To help evolve, rise and recover.
I will not waste this opportunity
I will certainly win over me.


Gathering the sun
On top of my black-haired bun.
Caramel colored skin lingers
Kissed by gentle sunlight fingers.

Flora and fauna interlace
Basking blissfully in the sun’s rays.
Exploring yellows and reds in different hues
Shades of purple, greens and blues.

Off again to a distant nation
Following the heart’s current destination
Unknown faces, unfamiliar sights
Evening skies dotted with softly glowing Lights.

Though peace resides within, I know
Unrest and fear unfurls its dark bow
Heart, you say, “be strong and free
It is but another adventure, you see.”

“That cage which you built around
Must be opened and unbound
Else you will fall pray to darkness
And another fall you shall witness.”

“The delay that you do
May only be visible to you
Conquer with My strength and zeal
Fear is but False Evidence Appearing Real”

“Remember that which is given
Is a present from the Cosmic heaven
I and We are always with you
In the paths of Light and Love you pursue.”




III. Parting

Heart, I sincerely did my best
To pass this current test.
But I can no longer go further
Else It will be snuffed and I shall again suffer.

Sadly, he was one of the few who heard my call
Yet, his lower self did not notice at all.
He knows not that I swore to stand by him
Nor care that I have forgiven his worldly whims.

He chose to wallow in material folly and filth
Unaware that they would soon cause him to wilt.
His Love was measured by this plane’s perfection and vanity
His soul a stranger to depth and sincerity.

What can be done when he is not ready
To step out of mundane nihility?
With Love, I shall just let him be
And we shall walk our paths separately.

An afternoon exchange

oji-sans by the lake


Children by the lake

children by the lake





Growth in tiny specks



Enclosed in beauty

enclosed in beauty

Simplicity standing by

simplicity standing by


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