Gathering the sun
On top of my black-haired bun.
Caramel colored skin lingers
Kissed by gentle sunlight fingers.

Flora and fauna interlace
Basking blissfully in the sun’s rays.
Exploring yellows and reds in different hues
Shades of purple, greens and blues.

Off again to a distant nation
Following the heart’s current destination
Unknown faces, unfamiliar sights
Evening skies dotted with softly glowing Lights.

Though peace resides within, I know
Unrest and fear unfurls its dark bow
Heart, you say, “be strong and free
It is but another adventure, you see.”

“That cage which you built around
Must be opened and unbound
Else you will fall pray to darkness
And another fall you shall witness.”

“The delay that you do
May only be visible to you
Conquer with My strength and zeal
Fear is but False Evidence Appearing Real”

“Remember that which is given
Is a present from the Cosmic heaven
I and We are always with you
In the paths of Light and Love you pursue.”

III. Parting

Heart, I sincerely did my best
To pass this current test.
But I can no longer go further
Else It will be snuffed and I shall again suffer.

Sadly, he was one of the few who heard my call
Yet, his lower self did not notice at all.
He knows not that I swore to stand by him
Nor care that I have forgiven his worldly whims.

He chose to wallow in material folly and filth
Unaware that they would soon cause him to wilt.
His Love was measured by this plane’s perfection and vanity
His soul a stranger to depth and sincerity.

What can be done when he is not ready
To step out of mundane nihility?
With Love, I shall just let him be
And we shall walk our paths separately.

II. Revelation

“你是谁?” I ask silently
Of the form standing before me.
Without words, he bade me to see
Unravel and unfold before me.

Intelligence marked his crown
Yet what followed elicited a frown.
Virtues remain intellectualized
Actions without heart were instead actualized.

His twists and turns
Scalds and burns.
Stand witness as darkness blossoms
It spurred a plethora of storms.

“But Child, you say you wish to be
As close to Love Divine as you can be.
Know that Love is weapon and shield
Tolerance and hope you must learn to wield”

“Guard the heart against bigotry
We all have light and dark sides you see
Refining your consciousness is most beneficial
To help you deal and rise above the superficial”

Then let me count to ten
And I shall try again
To see what can be written
A beautiful poem or another lament.

I. Closer

Beloved Heart, this time what troubles you?
A form taking shape in a familiar hue.
There’s an emotion starting to awaken.
In the dark side of the moon, it was deeply hidden.

Is it a truth, a game or a show?
In reality, I sincerely do not know.
He speaks and acts in a way I do not understand
A strong, firm mountain or cascading sand?

Its blow approached with such intensity
Will its fire die out as rapidly?
Uncertain, unknown is all I can say
Look on courageously, as it comes our way.


Intangible, untouchable, that much I know.
Eyes aloof yet with a quiet glow.
Hands that toil, create and make
Heart keep away; it’s for my sake.

No matter what, I will keep my vow
Never through bonds shall I plough
However great this loneliness and longing
I will dissipate and dispel this urging.

Go, go, I urge you to flee
A place unfamiliar, where the heart is free.
That where the Red Queen and dragon sleep
Deaf to the people, as they ail and weep.

Sword in hand, I fight in His stead
Focus on the Light instead
Not a decree was given to me
But tasks I intend to accomplish successfully.

IV. Epilogue

And so the fifth moon has passed
The light has been restored at last.
A grueling voyage in its truest sense
To seal a darkness so dense.

But these lessons are very much required
When following the desires of the heart.
I have learned many things
When the light shined on the lower self’s undoings.

For a moment, my fragile peace fragmented
When you appeared unannounced, unexpected.
Your lips speak of changes made
Yet the shadows in your heart remained.

And now I utter with finality
I shall never come to thee
Let me go, let me be.
In peace, in light I shall live happily.

Though apart, I feel your suffering.
They’re incessantly calling, pleading.
In response, I radiate light, love and peace
That your pain and anger might decrease.

Persist and be strong, to you I say
In time, you will also find the way.
Remember my words from yesterday
That your heart may see the light of day.

III. Death and Resurrection

I fear my light is gradually diminishing
As the autumn leaves kiss the ground.
This anguished, heavy heart
And tears that make no sound.

Promises made during yester-moon
Winds of autumn have rendered nil.
Words and signs of love
In desperation, have attempted to heal.

Is this what marriage means – 
A relationship built on cascading sand?
A life fabricated and stolen
Being written against my loving hand.

The fountain of truth I have started to build
Struggling, drowning in avarice and lies.
Love unconditionally given
Dispersed in discordant ties.

Dreams of future I have shared – 
Of love, of giving and of service.
All forgotten and withered
Hidden in a dark, shadowy abyss.

And now, my fear has manifest:
The light within has gone dark.
Choose between salvation or doom
Before it completely eliminates the spark.

In my unspeakable pain, They have come
To help me that I will not err further.
Redirect the Self with pen and paper
Sign it as my last wish, dear sir.

Misery and hurt shared by both
Yet my suffering you still cannot see.
Until the very end, you chose to serve yourself
A Narcissus that looks on blindly.

But understand and know you must
There is no hatred, grudge or regret.
It was a decision born out of love
And a lesson you must never forget. 

Remember: VIRTUES over material values.
And that Truth must start from within.
Third, Service is the remedy for greed.
And last, Love yourself first before your kin.

Words I have written and spoken
In your heart, may they shed light
Finally, I can rest as my strength is depleted
I shall soon be gone in a far away flight.

The storm is almost over;
The aftermath is devastating.
Deep beneath this chaotic surface,
I can now see Tranquility’s face waiting.

Onward, upward with whatever light is left.
The fall is great and the trek back is hard.
Faith, Will and Gratitude urge me to go
Be still. Listen for the song of the bard. 

II. A Pledge

And so, I say to thee
I promise to walk the path as Bhakti
Love my family – blood and brethren
For they are me; I am them.

But above all, love the Father –
Creator of miracles and selfless giver
By His grace, this miracle is manifested.
The strength of hearts will be greatly tested.

With my entire being I shall serve,
Give this union what it so deserves.
From you, I ask not mere material things
Nor false promises or crowns of kings.

Be you not foolish like them,
Trapped by a mirage of a superficial hem.
Seek beyond this temporary plane
Let not Shadows be your bane.

Go and ascend heights unimaginable
In this path, nothing is impossible.
Look within and you too shall discover,
Treasures beyond this earth, you’ll uncover.


Across my path You have strewn
A fragment of myself inside another.
What joy at having found
That which I have been waiting for.

Glistening with astounding synchronicity;
Yet its own Self it cannot see.
In stratums of effluvia it sleeps
The weight of misery burdens my heart.

My Lord, what is this you have given me?
Its sleep seems deep and uninterrupted.
It is deaf to my call and blind to my plea.
It knows not how long I have waited.

Set it down with love lest it might break
Gently watch over it like the early morning sun
And remember Your words from that summer,
“Only what is needed to you I shall give.”

Musings on the 28th Floor

Remember, remember
When the heart used to flutter
Your smile, your voice, your face,
Memories unraveling at an overwhelming pace.

Pained that my voice could not reach your heart
Encumbered, defeated as I decided to part.
Silent as the stars I slumbered,
Watching as you trod the path you’ve uncovered.

Walk steady along this path you chose
My cerulean drops shall hold your heart close.
As constant as these waves ebb and crest
The Light of the Logos shall keep you abreast.

Though our paths are different, in time you shall know,
There is only one destination we all must go
To that place the where Ultimate Truth of Light and Love reside
A place where a thousand suns preside.

In depth, in breadth I loved
As below, so above.
Yet you understood it not
As I understood Him not.

Ten years passed and we continue on
Falter not, Beloved Gemini, in this golden dawn.
As was, as is, as will be
My love will always keep you with me.

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