A battle rages within
I feel like jumping out of my skin.
Fight and stand for peace
And for that elusive bliss.

Here in my tower, I try to stand tall
Rage from all sides and I might fall.
Where is my Light? My Shield?
I am weaponless in the battlefield.

Left hand chained to the past long gone
My right, to things that have not yet come
How many times must I do this?
How many presents must I miss?

My soul aches in agony.
Dark colours clashing in disharmony.
The sun hides behind overcast skies.
Puffs of nimbus cushions my cries.

The wind whispers soothingly
To the sun I must sail swiftly.
Gently blow the soot from my eyes
And see things that are in disguise.

My heart is a fiery diamond
Pillars of hope I have summoned.
Like a phoenix I shall awaken
Bright-eyed and unshaken.

Weaknesses I must face and uncover
To help evolve, rise and recover.
I will not waste this opportunity
I will certainly win over me.

I. Miracle

My dear Heart, what have we?
Form and content do not appeal to me.
“Like an iceberg, it’s nothing but the tip.
Know you must, love doesn’t halt at the lip.”

Heart, you say and urge me to see,
“Not with the two, but with the three.
With the immortal soul you must be
Brave enough to withstand this difficulty.

“A mere challenge to your glamor
Suit up in that partly polished armour.
Remember, in this world of duality
Joy and suffering are parts of spirituality.”

A Lacrimatory Plea

What unfortunate fools are we!
We have sight yet we cannot see.
Our vision set on the worldly plane
Unable to perceive the veil upon the Profane.

We hear, but we fail to listen to the Adepts.
Words of wisdom fruitlessly fall into ravenous depths.
The Dark Times of the Kali Yuga has recently just passed;
Ushering the Satya Yuga’s Golden Age at long last.

Pitiable fools, the venerable masters implore thee,
Open your eyes that you can see.
Purging will come knocking fast at the door,
What we know now might soon be no more.

Make haste and utilize the power of this eon,
Before the next age renders futile the efforts of peons
They tell us again, as it always has been
Know the master from the outside and within.

Life in Tangles

In pursuit of something higher, I uprooted my life up north and drove to sunny, southern California – for good. During the process, I faced more obstacles than I could count, as if my life suddenly turned to a blurry, tumultuous motion picture.

I finally moved to my new place, which looked empty and alien. I closed my eyes and I saw my friends, relatives, a one-sided love that never was, and my small, familiar room that once belonged to my Ego.  I took a deep, centering breath and redirected myself back to unpacking.

I was sitting on the floor trying to undo the intertwined knots on three strands of necklaces. The knots were tight and each of the white gold chains was minute and delicate. Nearly half an hour later, I was still at it and I was getting frustrated and impatient.

As I was about to give up, it occurred to me that life was like that. Life was similar to the three chains that I had been trying to unwind. I could not imagine how they ended up in a chaotic twist since I packed them properly, in the same manner that we often do not understand how our life becomes knotted. All we have is the awareness that our life has roadblocks that must be rid of. Most of the time, we unconsciously expend much energy into feeling the problem – we worry, fear and let the Ego engage us in false melodramatic mental plays until it becomes our own version of reality. We often forget to put that energy into something productive by formulating and contemplating our options for the problem. We fail to remember that there is a Being higher than we are who has always been holding those chains – our life threads.

The Father had, has and will always lovingly watch over us. He knows that our imperfections and mortal foibles make us frail and that we need His guidance to overcome our perils. With great care and patience, He guides and attends to each of us to make sure that we do not break. Each link is equally important for they make up the whole, just like each aspect of our lives – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – is significant. The Divine knows well not to tug too hard lest we break or tug too gently that we preserve our status quo. The only thing that God asks of us is to endure the stress and pressure while our lives our being unwound. He is cognizant of the fact that balance must be achieved or restored that we may emerge more resilient, robust and beautiful.

And so with a renewed and inspired heart, I sat through my task until I finished. I said a silent prayer of gratitude for the opportunities to mature. After all, nothing is purely atrocious, it’s just that these unfortunate events happen to make sure we become better people.

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I am Water that incessantly flows
Running gradually but deeply
Yielding to none, but Fire and Wind.

I am the keeper of secrets
The smiles and the sorrows
The jovial and the grave.

I am ruled by Pluto
Departed but extant
Distant yet observant.

I hold the Antares in the sky
Iridescent love
Tempestuous wrath.

I am the last muse
Guardian of the pillars
Ancient soul.

I am Scorpio
Virtuously acquiescent
Eternally Yours.

“Untorquing” of the Mind

I pause at the beginning of the Labyrinth. I look around and quietly ask for guidance. As I plant my first step, the mental and emotional torques gradually surface. I breathe in the sight before me.

The Labyrinth reminds me of Dante’s Divine comedy. It has seven rings before one gets to the center. At the core, the tall, cold stone stands beautiful and proud – the ultimate goal of existence. I feel impatience build up with every step that I make. Seeing my goal, I could just leap over the rings and touch it. I tend to be like this with many things. I want it accomplished without flaw in one wink, but I know I must complete the path in order for me to completely understand things.

Life is just like that – a labyrinth. Its core centered in the unicursal path, appears multifaceted to the befuddled seeker. That invaluable prize that will make one feel worthy, beautiful – perfect. As in life, I was only aware of my goal, but the steps were long, winding and unpredictable. There were a number of times when I felt close to the center, but capturing it at an inopportune moment will only lead to a mere mirage. The Supreme Being silently prods me to be a little more patient; I still have a couple more steps to make.

As I diligently trod the path, I started to notice the things around me. The flowers and plants that grow around the path to witness my journey are like the people I hold dear to me – family and friends. They are like the plants within sight, rooted in their respective places, to remind me that they are there with me. They are there to support me, but only I can walk my own path.

After what seemed like eons, I finally reached the center, breathless but happy. I touched the stone and felt its breath under my hands. I have accomplished my goal. I said my prayer of gratitude and stayed until I was at peace. I began my trek back, slowly letting go of the feeling of accomplishment. I gathered and mentally encrypted the memories. They are mine to keep until I reach the end of the path, my last breath. Everything in this life has that one moment that would feel esoterically perfect. Savor it while it is there. Share it. Be thankful. Be content. When it is time to move on, let it go with grace and a smile.

When I got back to my room, I pondered on where I am in my labyrinth. I figured I am still working towards the crux; how far it is to the core, I am uncertain. All I know is that I have to take one step at a time and I will reach my goal when I am ready. I was stuck a number of times, skipped steps, relapsed and lingered in the shadows, but I knew in my heart I must persist. I look around relieved to see that my personal markers are there. I sigh and move on again. I must move forward until I reach my last step, closer to Him.


Tethered is the mind that struggles,
Tethered are the warring thoughts in the head
Tethered are the silent tears that weep
Tethered is the angst that seethes

Tethered are the smiles that hide the frowns
Tethered are the fragments of peace that scatter
Tethered is the melancholic lullaby that sings
Tethered is the soul to the body’s last breath

Momentary insanity ebbing near the edge,
Peering at the smiles on the horizon.
Soon the lunar child will rise,
Soon emancipation will be regained.

Under the Waning Gibbous

Under the waning gibbous
Anger and hate begin to lose weight
Resistance metamorphoses into acceptance
Logic reassembles itself
Forgiveness looms by the door
The Self concedes to the world
Under the waning gibbous